Naturalmat Organic Baby Mattresses Reviews

As a new or expectant parent, it’s only natural to want the best for your newborn. The best nutrition. The best clothing and shelter. The best place to lay your baby down to rest. Since sleep is the single most important ingredient to a healthy, happy life for both parents and baby, you’ll want to carefully select your baby’s mattress.

Don’t want your baby breathing in overall life harming chemicals? Want to prevent potential allergic reactions? Then, opt for an organic mattress free of plastic or PVC. While some are hypo allergenic and chemical free, only Natural Mat offers completely 100% natural baby mattresses. With no plastic covers. No steel springs. Just purely natural fillings and covers made for parents who expect stylish, well-designed products.

In fact, it’s Natural Mat’s Organic Baby Mattresses that pass all flammability testing without the addition of ANY chemicals. While other “organic” manufacturers use boric acid, antimony and other treatments, we use naturally flame retardant ingredients such as lambswool and coir. By using only the best organic fillings, our selection of baby mattresses provides outstanding breathability and superb performance with the least environmental cost as well.

Coco Mat, 399.00, by Natural Mat is the most breathable organic mattress in the USA with no food grade polyethylene and 100% organic fillings. Naturally springy and supportive, Coco Mat offers gentle support and impressive ventilation and insulation. With certified organic coir, certified organic lambswool and absolutely NO PVC or synthetics making it entirely non-toxic. Furthermore, each mattress is treated with a solution of lemon, lavender and eucalyptus oils to prevent dust mites (the leading cause of allergies) from settling in the mattress.

“My 5 month old has slept like a log since birth on your Coco Mat. She is my third child and I am so convinced by your natural mattresses that I travel with it everywhere.” Susie

Latex Mat, 399.00 is a suitable organic mattress for newborns and older babies as well. Also with certified organic latex and coir, Latex Mat by The Natural Mat Company has certified organic lambswool. You can rest assured baby is sleeping comfortably with medium support that provides a long lasting superior orthopedic support.  Its great hypo-allergenic benefits means exceptional breathability, too.

“My baby has never slept better. Before I bought the Latex mattress he used to be such an active sleeper. No he sinks into his mattress because it is so comfortable and sleeps right through the night.” Kate

Mohair Mat, 399.00 is Natural Mat’s firm mattress that’s great for older and heavier children offering firmer support, but still with very good ventilation and fantastic spring. With sumptuous needled mohair tufting and certified organic coir, Mohair Mat offers superior spring from horse tail hair. This organic mattress also contains NO polyethylene, PVC or synthetics.

“Ruby has been sleeping through the night from day one. She is the cause of much jealousy amongst those of her parent’s friends who have had troublesome babies. She is the most content baby, either asleep on her Natural Mat mattress or wide awake, gurgling and smiling.” Anonymous

For more organic mattress reviews, please visit this Natural Mat blog often. Until the next time, we wish you and your baby much health, comfort and happiness.

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  1. I have heard it over and over that organic mattresses are much safer than your basic foam mattress. I have heard great reviews about Naturalmats!

  2. We would only ever use an organic crib mattress for our babies due to all the harmful materials used in manufacturing non-organic mattresses.  Your baby will be lying on the mattress for up to 18 hours a day, face down and breathing right on the mattress surface.  Don’t risk it.

    • Thank you for the comment. Yes, babies spend most of their early life laying on the mattress. So why would you even consider anything but the best mattress for that part of their life.

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